Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Adventures of a Koodie at Broom's Bloom Dairy

Eli is 9 years old and going into the 4th grade at Oakleigh Elementary School in Parkville. He started a food blog, Adventures of a Koodie, and hopes to be a food critic when he grows up.

We LOVE Adventures of a Koodie and think you should add it to your 'must read' blog list, too. He recently reviewed Pitango - - the gelataria that scored big during our Ice Cream Giveaway. Here is Eli's take on a visit to Broom's Bloom Dairy in Bel Air.

Many thanks to his parents, Cheryl and Jason Knauer, for facilitating Eli's guest post for us! Please note that Eli is nine - - and we did not edit for content or grammar. We wanted his voice to shine through.

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Today, me, my dad, brother and sister went to Broom's Bloom. It was the first time that I had ever been there. I didn't think it was that kid-friendly because it doesn't have a kids menu. But it was a farm with a restaurant, store, and they sell ice cream. I think that is why kids mostly go here, for their delicious ice cream! I'd give *** stars for kid-friendly.

Now for food. The food was great! I had quiche with broccoli, bacon and cheese. It was so tasty! The broccoli and cheese blended well together. I also had ice cream and it was great! I had the dirt ice cream witch was chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips and oreo cookies. Some of the other things that they had on the menu were pulled pork BBQ sandwich that my dad had, grilled cheese witch my brother Owen had, and other sandwiches. They also had lots of soups like Maryland crab soup and salad. Owen had thin mint ice cream and my dad shared peanut butter and chocolate ice cream with my sister. The ice cream had no air in it and was rich and creamy. I give ***** stars for food.

This is a place where I would want to go again especially for the ice cream. It is worth the long drive there. Well, gotta go. Bye!

Logistical Information:

Broom's Bloom Dairy
1700 S. Fountain Green Road
Bel Air, Maryland

Tuesday - Thursday, 11 am - 8 pm
Friday and Saturday, 11 am - 9 pm
Sunday, 12 pm - 8 pm
Closed Monday

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Photo Credit: Eli's Dad, Jason Knauer


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I am ready to get in my car right now and head there for the ice cream. Thanks for the heads up, Eli!

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