Friday, January 7, 2011

friday funny: how to (not) ride a snow shovel

What good is having a blog if you can't post a few funny moments from your life on it? These aren't too embarrassing... betting the Bug won't end up in therapy over them.

In another light, let this serve as a public service announcement about the potential dangers of snow shovel rides.

Enjoy the wintry weather headed our way - - and this bit of advice from the toddler.

step one: "help" shovel the driveway.

step two: sit in shovel, making any further shoveling impossible for the moment.

step three: grin at your grandma until she caves and starts pulling you around.

step four: try to hang on.

step five: call for help if your mom dressed you like the younger brother in A Christmas Story. {{yes, most likely she did}}


Anonymous said...

at least she could put her arms down!

Mama Bird said...

This is hilarious! I'll keep this in mind during my outings with E!

Joshua Smith said...
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