Saturday, March 19, 2011

send a message of hope: cranes for kids

Thursday morning, the Kneebouncin' Dad Duo had an idea. It was one of those wonderfully simple, immensely powerful ideas.

By Friday night, the idea literally took flight.

1000 virtual cranes for Japan's kids. Sent from other kids around the world.


Jim Robinson and Kurt Dommermuth are the dynamic creators behind Kneebouncers - a website dedicated to bringing thumpin' giggling fun to babies and toddlers through bright, colorful, online games. Developing a means for children around the world to do something in response to the devastating situation in Japan seemed like a natural extension of the work were already doing.

"Kurt came to me with the idea on Thursday morning. His friend Phil Tajitsu Nash of Nash Interactive had contacted him about our membership donation promotion," said Jim. "He applauded our efforts and brought up the idea of sending good wishes along to help the healing of the Japanese people. Mindfulness to rekindle compassion."

The Japanese tradition of folding 1000 cranes represents a form of healing and hope during challenging times, and has also become a symbol of world peace. By creating an online tool, these Baltimore-area dads on a mission have allowed even the youngest children in the world to create a universal message of hope -- together.

To send a crane, all you and your child need to do is visit Select the color of your crane, enter your message, and send it into cyberspace. The site also contains information for creating your own origami crane and a resource sheet for donating to charities assisting the Japanese people.

"We would be honored if we have that many [1,000] good thoughts going out through the site," said Jim.

The Bug was singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star when we heard about the Cranes for Kids project, which inspired the message our family sent: we're all looking up at the same stars tonight and thinking of you.

What message will your family write?

PS: Fellow social media parents (that's anyone with a facebook account!) - - please help spread the word about this project through your blog, facebook or twitter! Please 'like' KneeBouncers on facebook and tag them in your post. And be sure that all of your tweets are sent to @KneeBouncers with hashtag #cranes4kids.