Thursday, August 25, 2011

app giveaway: bernstein bears' bedtime battle

Is bedtime a grumble at your house? Then you'll love one of the latest app releases from Oceanhouse Media: Bernstein Bears' Bedtime Battle!

The beloved Bernstein Bears' children's book series is coming to 'app-live' through Oceanhouse Media, and Bedtime Battle is the first book release. From the first announcement that it's time for bed through all of the cub's antics (sllloooowwwwllllyyy picking up the toys, picking out several bedtime stories, needing two tons of tub toys -- any of this sounding eerily familiar?) to Mama and Papa falling asleep reading bedtime stories, it's delightful.

The app provides the option to have the book read aloud to the child (either in auto mode or in a self-directed mode), or the child can read the book to him or herself when they've acquired decoding skills. In addition to the book text being read, a child can select various objects in the room to see and hear the identifying word. Great way for your toddler to start associating text with objects!

The app is currently available for iPad and iPhone for $3.99 from iTunes.

Want to win a free Bernstein Bears Bedtime Battles app for your iPhone or iPad? Just fill out this quick form. We'll announce the winner on our facebook page next Wednesday at 12:00 PM EDT (so you have until then to enter!).

Disclaimer: I was provided with a free download of Bernstein Bears Bedtime Battle from Oceanhouse Media in order to evaluate the product for review. All of the opinions expressed in this post are mine. That's (cool) progeny's promise to our readers: 100% honesty. If we didn't love it, we would never have shared it!