Friday, August 5, 2011

koodie picks: bonkeys

Our friend Eli, the Koodie (kid + foodie), is back with an exclusive ice cream shoppe review for (cool) progeny. Check his previous reviews of The Cow in Reisterstown, Friendly Snowballs in Parkville, Prigel Family Creamery in Glen Arm, Walther Gardens Snowballs in Baltimore, and By the Scoop in Middle River, too! You can catch more of Eli's restaurant reviews on his blog, Adventures of a Koodie. Congrats to Eli for being named Best Up and Coming Food Blogger by Baltimore Magazine!

I went to Bonkeys, a ice cream place in New Freedom, Pennsylvania. Since I was with my grandma, I was able to go there. When I first got there, there were no chairs, though there were flower planters outside that are benches. Inside, there are a lot of photos of the people who go there. They also had a sign of all their ice cream flavors such as Triple Chocolate, Cookie Monster, and a new flavor called Honeycomb. There are also pictures of desserts above the collage of people such as chocolate covered cheesecake, sundaes, and banana splits. They also sell lots of different types of candy. There was also a sign that they sell rootbeer floats and smoothies. There were so many flavors of ice cream and snoballs to choose from, but this time, I chose a rootbeer float with vanilla ice cream.

There was a large line of people coming in after we were served. There is always a big line at Bonkeys. Now, let's get back to the food. When I got my rootbeer float, I was going to wait for the ice cream to melt, but it was too irresistable. By the time we walked back to the car, about 1/4 of it was gone! When I got back to my grandparents' house, I took a couple more sips. It was so good, I just couldn't stop drinking it! The root beer tasted delicious and the ice cream being melted made it better. There is one more thing which I forgot to talk about, and that is about the kid friendliness. Even though they didn't have chairs or tables, everything was a kids menu, since kids love ice cream.
I give ***** stars for food and **** stars for kid friendliness. Well, that's all. Bye!

28 E. Franklin Street
New Freedom, PA 17349
Open through September 19:
Monday - Friday, 1 pm - 9 pm
Saturday and Sunday, noon - 9 pm

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Sarah said...

I love their stuff! Their ice cream is homeade and is really good.. And the snowballs are really good too.