Monday, September 12, 2011

monday's five things: lullabies for 'big girls'

The Bug is getting a brand new toddler bed (remember, last Monday's post was five toddler beds to check out). To ease the transition, the crib went into storage yesterday and the crib mattress (soon to be known as the toddler mattress) went on to the floor for a few nights.

We changed our bedtime routine slightly to a 'big girl' bedtime routine -- to include 'big girl' lullabies. I was unaware of 'big girl' lullabies until my two-year-old clued me in. "No twinkle twinkle," she said, night one in the 'big girl bed.' Instead, she requested a "radio song."

Already a discerning music palate... {{I should have expected this. The kid goes around asking for 'more Marcus' and humming the bridge in Little Lionman. The radio version.}}

So here are five 'radio song' lullabies we've added to the Bug's iPod list. Just for bedtime.

1. Godspeed (Sweet Dreams) by Dixie Chicks
2. Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
3. I'll Be Waiting by Archer Prewitt
4. Shoot the Moon by Nora Jones
5. Stay Awake by Julie Andrews

What do you sing as you tuck your little one into bed?

About the image: This delightful illustration is by Nikki Brion. Don't you love it? Check out her other images at