Friday, November 11, 2011


If you've forgotten the language of gratitude, you'll never be on speaking terms with happiness. Remember that old saying?

Recent studies show that gratitude makes us happier and healthier, according to The Huffington Post: Negative attitudes are bad for you. And gratitude, it turns out, makes you happier and healthier. If you invest in a way of seeing the world that is mean and frustrated, you're going to get a world that is, well, more mean and frustrating. But if you can find any authentic reason to give thanks, anything that is going right with the world or your life, and put your attention there, then statistics say you're going to be better off. (The Neuroscience of Why Gratitude Makes Us Healthier)

The article goes on to say that psychological and physiological benefits of gratitude only work when you're grateful for something real. In other words, you can't fake it.

On this, the 57th celebration of Veteran's Day (92nd celebration if you include Armistice Day celebrations), I think we should take stock in all that we are truly grateful for: healthy children - even if their 'stubbornness' drives us nuts sometimes; our homes - no matter how small or 'imperfect'; our spouses/partners - whomever we have happily chosen to spend our lives with; our families - whatever structure they may take; the fact that I can freely publish and you can read this blog without fear of persecution; the list goes on...

And then, thank a Veteran.