Monday, December 12, 2011

wishing you a holiday full of sparkles: courtesy of laura black photography & mlc designs

If you're anything like me, I agonize over finding just the right holiday card. Coupled with that search is the trek for the perfect (and I do mean -- perrrrfeccttt) photos out of my seemingly endless collection of Bug images.

Laura Black Photography and mlc designs put me out of my self-imposed misery. {Merry Christmas to me!}

You may or may not be aware of the free photo sessions Wee Chic Boutique and Laura Black co-sponsor a few times a year {become a Wee Chic fan on Facebook to be kept in the know}. Each free -- yes, free-- session gets you 20 minutes with the fabulous Laura Black inside Wee Chic's store and/or in the Green Spring Station courtyard, plus one free 8 X 10. The images are always incredible and Laura is a real pro when it comes to capturing cuties.

In November, Laura partnered with Madeline Comoglio of mlc designs to offer beautiful, modern holiday card designs to Wee Chic mini-session participants. Madeline worked with me to put together a gorgeous and fun holiday card. And I just had to share part of it with all of you. Here's the front of the card. Keeping the back a secret. {My family reads this blog. Need some surprises in life!}

May your holiday be full of sparkles.

PS: Recognize the outfit? Yeah, Laura Black shot the cover photo for our 2011 Holiday Gift Guide. Told you she has incredible talent. So does Madeline. You should call them.


Amber said...

Oh my gosh - love the photo, the outfit, and the card - it's magical and super unique!

Cool Progeny Baltimore said...

Thanks Amber! I was THRILLED with how it came out! :)