Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mom(my) Doesn't Get a Sick Day

For 15 months, we've been pretty lucky. The colds and icks have wormed their way into our house relatively uneventfully. Sure there was (another) sleepless night - - but nothing that couldn't be overcome with a good dose of non-drowsy cold medicine and three high-octane cups of coffee. As for the Bug? She's had her standard less than 10 colds and ear infections.

Then Monday hit.

It's been a flu like none other. Thankfully, not a stomach one. Just one of those once in a decade, knock-you-off-your-feet, every nerve ending hurts and your muscles atrophy to lead flues.

One of those rare wake up in the morning and reach for the phone and leave the "I'm siiiickkk" message on your boss' voicemail at 6:00 a.m moments. You know the whiny, sniffly, crunchy voice.

"Ma…Ma…Ma…" streams from the room down the hall…

What? I have a toddler? No sick day? Ugh. Oh wait. She has a cold too? Double ick.

It's amazing what you let happen when you don't feel well and can't muster up ANY energy. Yes, I did let the Bug and the 2 dogs all eat goldfish crackers off the floor together. Too clogged to care. Ice Cream for dinner? Sure. It's a dairy product. Who knows what else I let happen the last few days...

We're surviving. But boy I could have used a sick day when the storm first thrashed...

Thankfully, Pat has done a yomen's effort in holding down our Bug + 2 dogs chaos each night and the Bug has had her fabulous sitters yesterday and today. Oh wait. I worked while they were watching her...

All I'm asking for for Christmas is a stand-in mom, just for situations like this. Is that in the Toys 'R Us Wishbook?


Jen C said...

I hope Santa brings you one.

Feel better soon. It's no fun to be knocked on your tush like that, especially with a little one.

And ice cream for dinner? Completely acceptable! Heck, I'd even say it's down-right mandatory in situations such as these. It's a win-win for everyone.