Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mommy & Me: Photoshoot with Lil Blu Dragonfly

My security blanket is made of hard plastic and refraction lenses.

In other words, I hate having my photo taken. So I'm always behind the SLR camera. I don't really know what I'm doing and require a lot of natural light so I don't get tripped up in f-stops. But I'm far more comfortable fidgeting with buttons than fidgeting with my smile.

Consequently, while I have thousands of photos of the Bug, there are almost none of the two of us together.

The kid is going to be 2. It was time to remedy that.

Enter Jennie Sjursen of Lil Blu Dragonfly Photography. Jennie did a beautiful job capturing my entire extended family last fall, and was willing to jump in with two feet for a lil "mommy and me" afternoon. It was really Mommy and Me plus Jennie. The Bug kept trying to 'serve her tea' as she was snapping away!

There was jumping on the bed, lots of tickling and flying...

And how could we forget singing the "Wheels on the Bus?"

If you're a mamarazzi like me, you probably jump through hoops to get your kids to smile at the lens. For this particular shoot, we were just trying to keep the Bug in the same general vicinity -- a bit of a challenge. Jennie came to our home, had lots of great ideas, drank 72 cups of 'pretend tea,' and even pretended to eat a licked goldfish. That's class in my mommy book.

Need a little mommy and me photo action of your own? Jennie is giving (cool) progeny readers 10% off their sitting fee AND 15% off of a customized print package (that's so customized you build the package yourself!). Just mention (cool) progeny when you call her to book!

I think one of these shots would look perfect on Pat's desk at work... Whaddya think? Father's Day present conundrum solved?