Wednesday, June 8, 2011

the rhinestone cowgirl birthday party inspiration board

The Bug turns two this month.

{{Can you believe it??? Neither can I.}}

After I got over my disbelief, I realized it's time to plan a party. I love an excuse to throw a party and exercise my inner Martha-wanna-be impulses. I have to be very careful about when/how/why I let them out. Or else we'd be broke.

The Bug's birthday? A brilliant reason in my not-so-unbiased opinion. (A great reason to break out the inner Martha, not to go broke. You definitely won't see me in an upcoming episode of Outrageous Kids Parties).

Last year, we celebrated her birthday in ladybug style. This year, she's sharing the celebration with her great grandmother and has developed a HUGE horse fetish. Just so happens her great grandparents own a horse farm. So we're going rhinestone cowgirl. Oh yeah.

The party isn't until July, but I've pulled some inspiration from around the web so I can start planning. To see even more photo inspiration, check out my birthday party board on pinterest. {{love, love, love, LOVE pinterest}}. You'll find links for every image pictured on the inspiration board, too!

Have any other ideas to share?