Wednesday, September 14, 2011

doing it all (and taking a break)

I had a production meeting on Monday afternoon that was something akin to a three-ring circus. I was seated at my kitchen counter in front of my laptop, while the lights above flickered. BGE workers pounded the pavement outside my open living room windows. My videoconferencing software kept crashing -- every time I needed (ok, was hoping to!) say something poignant. I had a raging head cold that made me sound like a lounge singer who had smoked for 60 years. And my two-year old was sitting on the floor next to me with a blanket over her head yelling "FIRE! FIRE!"

Yeah, this is doing it all.

As moms (or all parents really), we have a lot of balls we keep in up in the air. I don't know that there is a magic tip for getting everything accomplished. Rather, I think it's simply a survival strategy:

You prioritize. You evaluate. You act. Repeat.

The toddler was yelling "FIRE!" Obviously, she needed attention. Obviously, trying to focus on my meeting and her needs simultaneously wasn't working. Obviously, something needed to change.

I quit my job. {{Whew.}}

I am lucky. I had a job I loved that allowed me to work from home most of the time, gave me a ton of flexibility and a boss who understood -- and appreciated -- family balance.

Even with all of that flexibility, I realized that I needed more. Freedom to be my own worst enemy in terms of how I managed my work. A new challenge. The ability to go for a bike ride with my daughter at 10:00 AM on a Monday and not feel guilty or that I was wasting 'company time.' Even if I did make up for it by working until 2 AM that night.

So I quit. And decided to open up a consulting firm. Be my own boss.

Prioritize. Evaluate. Act. Repeat.

The thing about major life decisions like this is that they come smack dab in the middle of the crazy, hectic routine of every day life with a family. Just because your (ok my) world is radically change, it doesn't change the fact that the dog needs to be groomed, the toddler's preschool paperwork was filled out incorrectly by the doctor's office, the car needs an oil change, my sister's 24th birthday is next week and I don't have a brilliant gift idea yet, I volunteered to bake cookies for 150 this weekend, or that I've been carrying around a good friend's birthday card and three gifts that need to be mailed for a WEEK...

Sound like your life? That's why it's important to take a break. And why I'm headed for a little me-time mini-break this weekend instead of getting the oil changed. I'll do that next week.

Eversave recently surveyed more than 700 moms to find our how they "do it all." Data showed that moms stress about money, their kids, finding time with their spouses and do everything from shove things in closets before guests come over to nab fast food once a week in order to save time. Where do moms skimp? I'm sure you're not surprised by this... they skimp when it comes to themselves.

The short? Eversave wants to give moms a mini-break. So Eversave Baltimore is running a fabulous deal today: $22 for a mani/pedi at We Treat Feet. And one lucky (cool) progeny reader is nabbing the deal for herself and a friend. For FREE. Need a mini-break? Fill out this quick form to be entered in the random drawing. We'll announce the winner on Friday!

My last 'official' day of work is Friday. I have a feeling Monday is the start of one wild ride. Luckily, I have lots (and I mean LOTS) to look forward to. Including some fantastic new ventures for (cool) progeny I just can't wait to share.

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Disclaimer: This post is part of Eversave's "I Don't Know How She Does It" Blog Carnival. I received a free mani/pedi Eversave deal as part of sharing my thoughts on doing it all, and hosting a mani/pedi giveaway. Want to know how other moms are doing it all? Check out the carnival at


johnwaire said...

...Good Luck!!!! I think it's great that you made that leap...and it truly is SO important to take the time out for yourself. This is advice that we all need to adhere to...including myself.

I'm really looking forward to all of the very cool things that await Cool Progeny....and what will become the new normal in your life :) Exciting...crazy...times ahead!

Cool Progeny Baltimore said...

Thanks so much, John! I'm really looking forward to the crazy! :) PS - make sure Sara enters the giveaway!!

Stephanie said...

I just read I Don't Know How She Does It. I'm totally looking forward to the movie now! Good luck on your new adventure!