Thursday, October 20, 2011

will it work? the snack trapper -- product review with fox 45 news

Last Monday, the Bug and I went to have a 'snack' with Bridget Stickline and her 4-year-old daughter at Wee Chic (Bridget owns this fabulous gem of a kids' clothing store). Little did both girls know that we were setting them up for a test.

The snack trapper test.

It's not a new product. Chances are you have a snack trapper in your kid dishware drawer. The basic design premise? It's an anti-spill snack cup that allows your mini-mes to feed themselves while minimizing the cheerio-scatter effect.

Well, you know I love good design and smart products. We decided to put the snack trapper through the ultimate toddler test.

Check out our video review -- it's posted live on the Fox 45 news website!


katie said...

you guys looked great! i liked that they labeled you "Busy Mom."

Also, this made me miss the Baltimore local news. I think the anchor's spray tan has gotten even worse.